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Industry Experience

Aither Forensics staff has real-world engineering, design, and analysis experience in a wide variety of industries.  This broad base of industry experience allows our engineers to bring a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge to any matter.

Pipe Manufacturing


Manufacturing facilities create numerous hazards to employees including the use of industrial equipment, hand tools, product handling equipment, and many others.  Dr. Kiddy has direct industry experience working in this environment and managing the safety of a manufacturing facility which included heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals, and high-powered lasers.  Further, Dr. Kiddy has investigated many incidents which have occurred in industrial manufacturing settings.

Oil Rig.jpg

Oil and Gas

Dr. Kiddy spent over a decade primarily working in the Oil and Gas industry including significant time in the field. The hazards in this industry range from the ubiquitous heavy equipment, myriad high pressure systems, and extreme temperatures to the mundane falling objects and slips/trips all exacerbated by often remote and isolated locations.  Working in this environment exposed Dr. Kiddy to some of the most rigorous safety programs in existence. Dr. Kiddy is especially familiar with downhole completions equipment and rig operations.

Construction Defect


Construction defect cases and many premise liability matters often require an investigation of construction practices and the applicable codes and standards in addition to an understanding of the underlying mechanical engineering principles.  Through personal and professional experience, Dr. Kiddy is familiar with this industry and he has investigated dozens of construction-related matters, particular with respect to plumbing installations and water losses.

Building Construction

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment, including aerial lift, cranes, front-end loaders, rollers, and a wide variety of other equipment, are extreme mechanical devices normally incorporating hydraulic and other actuators capable of moving enormous loads, but also capable of inflicting significant harm.. Dr. Kiddy has certifications and experience operating many types of heavy equipment as well as having investigated numerous incidents involving such equipment.

Image by Jakob Puff

Sports and Hunting

Hunting activities are inherently dangerous with hunters being exposed to numerous hazards from weapons and equipment, especially when used improperly. Similarly, recreational sports can lead to many injuries, especially if equipment is faulty or used incorrectly. A lifelong athlete, Dr. Kiddy is very familiar with sports and sporting equipment. Further, Dr. Kiddy has investigated dozens of hunting related claims including treestand and crossbows injuries.

Offshore Vessel.JPG

Marine Structures

The investigation of accidents and property loss involving marine vessels and structures requires specialized experience. The myriad of shipboard engineering systems including the mechanical structure, propulsion, and electrical systems combined with the harsh corrosive environment and confined spaces make marine investigations especially challenging. Prior to becoming a full-time forensic engineer, Dr. Kiddy spent a number of years designing and testing products and equipment for use in this environment.

Red Helicopter


Dr. Kiddy received his Ph.D. studying damage detection of aircraft components, specifically helicopter rotor components.  Dr. Kiddy is very knowledgeable on the intricacies of complex aviation systems, specifically helicopter, design which requires expertise in mechanical structures, aerodynamics, vibrations, controls, and many other fields.

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind turbine design and analysis requires expertise in the fields of mechanical structures, aerodynamics, composite materials, and control systems, and shares many of the same fundamentals as rotorcraft design.  While working in industry, Dr. Kiddy led the development of wind turbine blade instrumentation gaining knowledge on all aspects of wind turbine design and operation.

Electro Optics Board.jpg


The design, testing, and analysis of advanced electro-optical devices requires specialized skills and knowledge that combines expertise in optics, electronics, mechanics, physics, packaging, and thermal effects. Dr. Kiddy spent years working in this industry and is very knowledgeable in this specialized field, especially with respect to intellectual property. 

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